Finish the Oktoberfest Run Green 8K with a Beer

The Oktoberfest Run Green 8K brings beer, exercise, and eco-friendly fun to downtown Raleigh. Source: Facebook

A good run deserves to be celebrated. Combine fitness with a tasty brew by heading to the Oktoberfest Run Green 8K. Brought to you by the same organizers as the St. Paddy's Green Run, this race combines all of the fun of Oktoberfest with a bit of exercise. To really get in the mood for the event, grab your liederhosen or other German-inspired attire. … [Read more...]

3 Moves for Great Arms from the Exercise Ball

Here are some excellent Pilates ball exercises that you can practice from the comfort of the modern fitness center here at your Raleigh apartment community's fitness center.    Source: FreeDigitalPhotos

Are you ready for an arm workout? Visit our apartment's fitness center and try out these moves with an exercise ball. Bicep curls are a common exercise, done with dumbbells. Add the exercise ball by putting it between a wall and your back. Then, do a bicep curl by putting the weights at your side and bending them up, toward your shoulder. With the … [Read more...]

Play Pool and Enjoy a Cold Beer at Buck’s Billiards Sports Bar

Buck's Billiards Sports Bar is a great place to meet-up with friends to play some pool or watch the latest game.  Source: Facebook

Most sports bars have a rather humdrum selection of beer, but not Buck's. Buck's Billiards Sports Bar has all the comforts of an ordinary sports bar including 8 big screen televisions, 16 pool tables, 6 dart boards, a food menu, even an event room in the back. But what makes them extraordinary is the beer menu. At Buck's, you can choose from a wide … [Read more...]

Top 3 Behavior Problems in Your Cat and How to Handle Them

Here are some pet-care tips for anyone who recently adopted a kitten or adult cat here at your Raleigh luxury apartments. Source: morgeFile

For the most part, cats are fairly self-sufficient, but sometimes they do have behavior problems that need to be addressed. Here are three of the most common cat behavioral problems, and how to deal with them. Scratching: Double-sided tape, available in most pet stores, makes a great deterrent when placed over the area the cat tends to scratch. Make sure … [Read more...]

Step Back in Time at Hayes Barton Cafe & Dessertery

Hayes Barton Cafe & Dessertery boasts plenty of tasty food near your Raleigh apartment community.  Source: Facebook

Enjoy the convenience of living in an apartment near a cafe. Living near dining places can allow you to savor a favorite food or give a new one a try. Next time you're trying to decide where to eat check out Hayes Barton Cafe & Dessertery . The Hayes Barton Café serves up delicious food in an amazing atmosphere that will make you feel welcomed and … [Read more...]