Top 3 Ways to Have a Fun Summer Day

Here are some fun summer activities for everyone in here at your Raleigh luxury apartments. Source: morgueFile

Are you looking for something fun to do? Especially as the summer wears on, it can become harder to find ways to entertain ourselves. Here are three great -- and mostly free -- ways to spend a day this summer: Marathon your favorite old movies. Invite friends over and watch the movies you loved most growing up. Go to the library. Book lovers already … [Read more...]

Enhance Your Style at Crabtree Valley Mall

The Crabtree Valley Mall is one of the best shopping "hot spots" found around your Raleigh luxury apartment community.  Source: Facebook

Founded in 1972, Crabtree Valley Mall is one of the largest malls in the state and a favorite among Raleigh residents and tourists alike. Home to 200 businesses, including restaurants, shoe stores, banks, book shops, and masseuses, the mall caters to people of all needs and interests. Looking to get fit? Look no further. Fans of Crabtree can join the Mall … [Read more...]

Get a Taste for Ireland at Saints & Scholars Irish Pub

The Saints and Scholars Irish Pub is a great place to meet-up with friends and family and watch the latest game.  Source: Facebook

There’s no denying it – living in an apartment near a pub has definite perks. And said perks are well exemplified by Saints and Scholars Irish Pub in Raleigh. This summer, cool off with a tall pint and a plate of hummus dip and toasted pita bread. Unlike so many restaurants across the U.S., Saints and Scholars makes it a point to prepare each meal … [Read more...]

Taste Your Way Through Raleigh on a Gourmet Food Tour

True to it's name, the Taste Carolina Tour is a fantastic way to get in-touch with the local flavors around Raleigh. Source: Facebook

Are you looking for something really fun and unusual to do during the weekend in Raleigh?  Do you love to sample different foods and beverages?  If you do, you can taste your way through Raleigh on the, “Taste Carolina Tour.” The tour was started in 2009 and one of the greatest things about this food tasting tour is that all foods are locally grown. … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Right Cat for You

Here are some tips for anyone thinking about adopting a kitten or adult cat here at your Raleigh luxury apartments.  Source: MorgueFile

If you’re thinking about getting a cat as a companion, you may be overwhelmed by the thought of choosing the right one. How do you decide? Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect companion. Long or Short Fur: This decision is a matter of personal preference, but it is also affected by how much time you have available to groom your cat … [Read more...]